In 2017, we installed our first Hyperion™ sensors outside a research project - the Hyperion™ RVM (Road Video Meter). The Hyperion™ RVM measures road surface luminance according to the European standard EN 13201 and traffic flow (density and speed) allowing control systems to dynamically adjust the lighting based on actual conditions. The sensor-based control of road lighting ensures that requirements on traffic safety are met while minimising the energy consumption. 

The Hyperion™ RVM sensors control more than 400 LED luminaires on the Öland Bridge - the longest bridge in Sweden and a national test facility for the Swedish Transport Administration. The lighting level on the bridge is continuously adjusted based on the measured traffic density and road surface luminance. This unique installation represents a new generation of intelligent lighting control systems and may be the first of its kind in the world!

The Hyperion™ RVM sensor is closely related to the Hyperion™ TVM (Tunnel Video Meter) sensor used to measure veiling luminance and traffic at tunnel entrances and inside tunnels. 


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