Our Hyperion™ TVM system for continuous measurements of light and traffic for control of tunnel lighting is now fully integrated with the ATS and BTS advanced control systems from Phoenix Contact. The Hyperion™ TVM systems deliver veiling luminance measurements (Lseq) according to the latest international recommendations CIE88:2004 as well as legacy L20-measurements.

In addition to light measurements, the system includes functionality to estimate and communicate traffic density and speed allowing the control system to optimize the lighting in the threshold and interior zones to minimize energy consumption while maintaining traffic safety. Our cooperation with Phoenix Contact allows the national transport administrations to reach the full potential with the technology!


Cipherstone is a well-established advanced technology company celebrating its 12th year in operation. We provide state-of-the-art services in information technology with emphasis placed on applications involving advanced deep learning and computer vision technology. With core competencies including image analysis, machine learning, pattern recognition and optronics, the company enables a range of solutions to real-world technical problems. Application areas include autonomous driving, biometric authentication, industrial inspection, intelligent surveillance, medical imaging and traffic monitoring/surveillance.