Software development for biometric identification including core image-based algorithms for face, fingerprint, iris and gait authentication
Autonomous driving
Development of advanced algorithms supporting ADAS and AD functionality including 3D reconstruction of vehicle surroundings
Traffic analysis
Implementation of real-time traffic analysis for statistics and control of various processes such as traffic lighting and road tunnel ventilation
Development of virtual reality and augmented reality algorithms supporting immersive gaming experiences
Medical imaging
Implementation of software for automatic or semi-automatic analysis of medical images such as cell segmentation and classification
Software development for real-time or offline analysis of CCTV footage aiming to identify subjects or objects of interest
Industrial inspection
Development of software for real-time analysis of objects such as quality assessment of products on a conveyor belt
Contribution to original research in areas where machine learning and computer vision may help to solve challenging tasks enabling future products and services
Data collection
Collection of data and annotation of objects allowing training of advanced machine learning algorithms

Cipherstone makes key contributions in numerous research projects in diverse areas such as drug identification, traffic analysis and glare measurements

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Cipherstone is a well-established advanced technology company celebrating its 12th year in operation. We provide state-of-the-art services in information technology with emphasis placed on applications involving advanced deep learning and computer vision technology. With core competencies including image analysis, machine learning, pattern recognition and optronics, the company enables a range of solutions to real-world technical problems. Application areas include autonomous driving, biometric authentication, industrial inspection, intelligent surveillance, medical imaging and traffic monitoring/surveillance.