Computer vision technology may be integrated to assist in e.g. the assembling or quality control of products. Industrial robots programmed to assemble a set of products may be guided by a computer vision system to correctly identify the parts to pick up at any given time, and the position on the product where to mount the part. Also, computer vision may help the robot avoiding potential obstacles in the environment that may appear over time.

Example application: Quality control

In the case of automatic visual inspection, computer vision technology may reduce the manpower and/or enforce consistency by automating some or all of the visual quality control. In visual inspection, products in various stages of assembly arrive on a conveyor belt and the objective is to check the appearance of the product for any deficiencies that may exist. The visual automation may include counting the number of items put in a box, checking the size and shape of the items, or making sure the surface of the items is sufficiently smooth. One concrete real-world example is the automatic sorting of timber based on quality as measured from visual features.


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