Traffic Monitoring

Advanced computer vision technology may be applied for monitoring of traffic on highways or rail networks. For example, vision may assist in the automatic detection and identification of vehicles, and the classification of vehicle types. The technology may be utilised in e.g. an electronic toll collection system for free flow traffic. Computer vision may also be an integral part in systems for automatic incident detection and traffic density estimation. On the rail networks, visual technologies may be employed to detect damages on trains, particularly the pantograph which may tear down the power line if damaged causing severe delays.

Example application: Speed enforcement

Computer vision technology may be applied in speed enforcement systems for automatic detection and recognition of number plates. The plates may be detected using computer vision technology and read using optical character recognition (OCR) software. The OCR sub-system converts the speed camera image data into a sequence of letters and numbers in several steps including image enhancement, thresholding to obtain a binary image, segmentation of the plate into separate characters, and finally recognition of the individual characters. traffic monitoring 1000x665

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