Financial Services

In the financial services sector, the primary objective of applying computer vision technology is to add another layer of security to protect information or facilities. Unauthorised entry can be prevented using biometric physical access systems such as door locks integrating fingerprint and retina scanners. Sensitive digital information can be protected using biometric logical access systems such as face recognition login to computer networks or fingerprint identification for smart card access. The company staff has more than 15 years experience from designing and implementing biometric authentication systems, including the two main modalities - fingerprint and face.

 Example application: Biometric smart cards

Smart card acccess is typically protected using four-digit PIN numbers. Biometric authentication technologies may be employed as a complementary means of identification, to add another layer of security. Alternatively, PIN numbers may be replaced completely with biometric authentication providing a user-friendly and secure form of identification. Typically, this is realised by integrating a fingerprint scanner in the smart card reader. The biometric data is stored on the smart card and, in some applications, the final decision is taken inside the smart card - a match-on-card solution. In the future, it may also be possible to build the scanner into the card itself - the most secure form of identification.

 credit card

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