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Visual Technology

Cipherstone Technologies provides consultancy services in information technology with emphasis placed on applications involving advanced computer vision technology. With core competencies including image analysis and pattern recognition, the company enables a range of solutions to real-world technical problems. Application areas include advanced user interfaces, biometric authentication, industrial inspection, intelligent surveillance, medical imaging and traffic monitoring/surveillance. Visual technology has found wide-spread use in the society and applications can be found in most industry sectors including financial services, government, healthcare, industrial, retail and transportation.

Cipherstone Technologies has in-depth experience from integration of visual technology in both embedded and non-embedded products using a range of sensor technologies from low-cost CMOS sensors to high-quality CCD sensors. The company can assist the client in all stages of prototype development and product integration including design of photographic environment, hardware selection, software design/implementation and testing. Company staff has experience from developing industrial strength software operating on still images and real-time video for visual processing tasks such as image enhancement, object detection, tracking, and recognition. shutterstock 52706038


The objectives of applying computer vision technology vary significantly between application areas and industry sectors. Principal objectives may involve saving costs by automating labour intensive processes or maintaining high quality by automating visual inspection of high-volume products. Other potential objectives relating to automation may include eliminating human operator health risks by automating tasks in hostile environments and guaranteeing objectivity in repetitive measurements performed round-the-clock. In other applications, the main objectives may include increasing the level of security around facilities or sensitive information, making an advanced interface more convenient and natural to use or mixing reality with computer generated content for entertainment.

Please contact Cipherstone Technologies for more information on how we can assist in developing products involving advanced visual technology.


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