Designing standards compliant photographic environments

Cipherstone Technologies can assist in the design and testing of photographic environments with the objective of meeting standards requirements. For example, the configuration of lighting to eliminate any shadows and reflections across the objects of interest. Also, the positioning of reflective panels to reduce the impact of external light sources or to provide an even illumination across the scene. We can setup prototype environments, acquire images of objects in a representative context and measure the quality of the images. Alternatively, we can perform the acquisition in an existing photographic environment and measure the quality of the resulting images. We can measure a large number of image characteristics such as brightness, contrast and existence of any reflections or shadows. In applications with an open or semi-open environment where external lighting may have an impact, we can perform measurements on a large number of images to ensure requirements are met across all expected conditions. Similarly, in applications where significant variation in object appearance is expected we can repeat the measurements on a larger number of images to ensure performance is maintained across the whole population of objects.

Implementing standards compliant software

We have experience from implementing software following international standards such as those issued by ISO. This may include implementing measures of image characteristics according to a mathematical definition or a high-level description. Also, we can implement functionality for detecting object-specific states that may be required by a standard such as the requirement that eyes are open in passport photos. standards 1000x667

Monitoring of standards activities

Cipherstone Technologies can assist in the monitoring of standards activities that may have an impact on your products. This includes reviewing proposals to identify any developments that may block a future market or may require modifications to existing products. We can continuously monitor standards as they develop and proceed through the various stages of development from proposal to final document. In this way, we can make sure important developments are identified at an early stage allowing strategical decisions to be taken before it may be too late.

Please contact Cipherstone Technologies for more information on how we can assist in making your products standards compliant.


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