Performance Testing

Market surveys

Cipherstone Technologies can assist end-users in comparative testing or benchmarking of computer vision systems. Activities may include hardware purchases, data collection and software and hardware testing. Typically, the results of a comparative study are summarised in a final report that may be used when taking the decision to invest in computer vision technology.

Individual product performance measurements

The company can also help vendors with independent testing of individual products involving computer vision technology. Vendors may decide to focus the testing on specific characteristics of a system, possibly following requests from potential clients. Also, the objective of the testing activities may be to provide independent evidence of a known strength or selection of strengths to be presented for potential clients. testing 1000x667

Competitor analysis

The company can also help vendors with independent testing of products and benchmarking against a selection of competing systems available on the market. The objective of the testing may be to identify strengths and weaknesses of a given product in relation to competitors, information that may be used to focus future research and development.

Please contact Cipherstone Technologies for more information on how we can assist in performance testing and benchmarking.


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