Software Development

We provide consultancy services covering the whole software development life-cycle including design, implementation, testing and maintenance of advanced software integrating computer vision technology.

Software design

Cipherstone Technologies can assit in the development of software requirement specifications (SRS), particularly when the system involves computer vision technology. Activities may include drafting of a detailed specification of the behaviour of the system, with use cases describing the intended interaction between the system and the target population. The specification may include both functional requirements and non-functional requirements such as design constraints and performance requirements.

Software implementation

Given an initial SRS, the company may carry out the software implementation in whole or in parts. Typically, the company applies an agile approach to development where requirements are continuously reviewed and augmented. We have in-depth experience from embedded and non-embedded development using most of the major programming paradigms and languages such as object-oriented, imperative and functional programming in C/C++ and Java. Furthermore, we have experience from using numerical computing environments such as Matlab and Octave, primarily for conceptual and prototype development. Finally, the company has gained valuable experience from using many open-source computer vision libraries for detection, tracking and recognition of objects which may facilitate rapid development of advanced functionality.
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Software testing

In addition to design and implementation, we typically carry out testing of the computer vision software components (unit testing), their interaction (integration testing) and where appropriate we also participate in the final system-level testing.

Software maintenance

The company may also provide support in the remaining parts of the software life-cycle including maintenance of operational software, monitoring of software performance, re-training of statistical models if required, and correction of any bugs that may be identified.

 Please contact Cipherstone Technologies for more information on how we can assist in software development.


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