Advanced User Interfaces

An important long-term goal in the development of advanced user interfaces is to bridge the gap between the user and the computer and to make the interaction more user friendly and natural. One step in that direction is to allow the user to control a computer using body movements and speech. For example, using computer vision technologies, we can track the movements of the head, eyes, arms and so on. Gestures can be recognised and then translated into commands such as "move object up" or "rotate object". Example areas where the user-computer interaction would benefit from computer vision technologies include various industrial applications and computer games. In hostile environments, a touch-based interface such as a keyboard and mouse may not be realistic and non-contact interaction through gestures or eye movements may be a more suitable means of communication.

Example application: Computer games

Over the recent years, high-resolution digital cameras have become an increasingly popular accessoire to game consoles. Depending on the game, the objective may be to create a natural user interface or a mixed reality experience. Using computer vision technology, gestures can be recognised and translated into commands automatically by capturing body movements from the live video feed. Also, the user face can be extracted and mapped onto characters in the game mixing reality with fiction.

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Please contact Cipherstone Technologies for more information on how we can assist in developing advanced user interfaces using computer vision technology.


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