Industrial Inspection

In industrial inspection, products arriving on a conveyor belt are checked with respect to quality. Typically, this process involves checking visual features such as size, shape, colour, surface characteristics and existence of the individual product parts. In many applications, the inspection may be automated in whole or in parts using computer vision technology. The application of vision is typically straightforward in inspection as it is often possible to control the lighting using multiple light sources and favourable camera angles.

Example application: Timber sorting

A real-world example is the automatic sorting of timber based on visual features. Surface images of the timber are captured using high-resolution digital cameras as the timber is passing by on the conveyor belt. The timber is classified based on the existence of surface deficiencies such as knots, stains and splits. Knots are the most frequently occuring defect reducing the strength of the wood. Knots may be classified based on visual features such as shape, size, location and type. timber

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