Medical Imaging

In medical imaging, computer vision technology is frequently used to enhance images such as tomography or ultrasound images for visual inspection.The objective may be to suppress noise in a magnetic resonance image of a brain or increase contrast in an obstetric sonogram of a fetus. In microscopic imaging, computer vision software is often employed to detect and classify cells with the goal of detecting pathological tissue, and discriminate it from normal tissue.

Example application: Magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging technique used to visualise internal structures in the body. It is particulary useful for imaging soft body parts such as the brain, heart and muscles. Computer vision tasks involved in MR imaging include accurate segmentation of the two or three dimensional images into brain/non-brain pixels or voxels, and tissue-type segmentation classifying each voxel into grey matter, white matter or fluid. Other tasks are registration and precise alignment of images acquired with different MRI modalities and head motion correction.



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