In the healthcare sector, advanced computer vision technology can be employed to reduce manpower and make labour intensive processes more cost-effective. Example applications range from various screening tests to identify unrecognised diseases to body scanners aimed at identifying pathologic tissue and distinguish it from normal tissue.

Example application: Cervical cancer screening

One example application area is cervical cancer screening where the objective is to detect cervical cancer at a early stage allowing effective treatment. Traditionally, a Papanicolaou test or Pap test is performed by first scraping cells from the cervix and smearing them onto a microscope slide. Then, the cells are examined in a microscope looking for any abnormalities in e.g. cell texture or shape. Since the analysis is based on visual features, computer vision technology can be applied to assist the cytologists in the various steps of the process including enhancing the cell image for visual inspection, finding suspicious cells, and pre-classifying the cells as normal or abnormal. In this way, computer vision technology can reduce the time it takes to process a sample and make the process more cost-effective.


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